Bayswater & Boronia Website Analysis

Our analysis of more than 2,600 businesses in Bayswater and Boronia has made it clear that many businesses are neglecting their websites.

At Spinsoft we have recently completed our analysis of more than 2,600 businesses in Bayswater and Boronia. The analysis took several months to complete and unfortunately shows that a large percentage of businesses aren't investing in their online marketing and business websites.


Bayswater features a large business district, however percentage wise we found that 47% of businesses either don't have a website, or have a website with significant issues (very old, poor usability, broken links).

View the results for Bayswater


Boronia fared only slightly better with 35% of businesses that have no website or a website with significant issues.

View the results for Boronia

Our analysis was completed over several months with a lot of time and effort (each business was reviewed manually).  We are hoping to perform an analysis of more suburbs in the future.