Update 2.02.02 Released


This (relatively minor) update features improvements to the eCommerce Module, as well as some basic panel updates.  In particular there are some core changes to horizontal menu's.

Horizontal Menu Options

We have added a new option to menu panels, that allow you to align your horizontal menu left, right or center.  Previously this required some changes in the template, but now you can do it in the panel settings which makes it much more flexible.

To accomodate this change some core styles were adjusted, and we have added a new template style allowing you to customize the container that surrounds the menu.

The end result makes Horizontal Menu's more flexible, and easier to work with.

Anchor Links

The Rich Text Editor now features the ability to add anchor links.  You simply place an anchor somehwere in your document, then you can create a link anywhere to that anchor.

When you click on the link it will go to the page and scroll to the anchor.  This is very useful when you want to link to a particular part of a page.