Update 2.02.01 Released


This update includes a number of new features, new panels, and some core changes to the Image Library.

New Panels

Two new image panels, Slide-Show and Slide-Carousel, were added to the Page Editor.  These panels offer a new way to showcase your images.  Checkout the demonstration page for a sample and more details.

A new Media panel was also added, which is a simple panel for displaying a media item such as a SWF movie from your Media Library.  Alternatively you can link to an external item such as a YouTube video.

News Feeds

The system now supports both incoming and outgoing news feeds.  All of the news panels now have a new option to use an external RSS or Atom news feed as an alternative to selecting one of your own news categories.  Caching is handled automatically for you, but you can suggest an update interval.

PDF Product Price List

The Product Editor now features the ability to generate a PDF Price List of your products.  This is quite powerful as it will use any current search filters in the List Mode, and even allows you to show bulk quantity prices.

Image Library

You can now upload separate images for the different sizes of each image.  When you first upload an image 4 extra sizes (list, icon, thumb, medium) are created for you.  These different sizes are used in some places such as thumbnails for products. While this is very useful it often looks better to have a different image for the product thumbnail, which is now possible.

Some other new options have been added in the Image Library.  You can now enter the priority of each image (useful when setting up a gallery) and you can enter an External Link and Internal Link that the image relates to.  Each of these settings is useful in the various image panels.