Update 2.02.00 Released


Today's update includes the new Newsletter Module and a number of other improvements to existing features. 

Newsletter Module

The newsletter module comes in three sections including Recipient Lists, Newsletter Campaigns and Newsletter Issues.

It is a very flexible system which (optionally) allows your members to choose which campaign to receive newsletters from.  Recipient lists are easy to create, you can import data from files, insert data manually or even synchronize with your current members based on certain criteria such as gender and country.

Read more about the Newsletter Module.


A number of improvements were made to the various Image Panels, giving you new linking options such as the ability to link images to external or custom links, in addition to linking to the image viewer.

The My Resources System panel also received an update, featuring collapsible resources which are useful when you start having a lot items for the member.  This is just the beginning for some new JavaScript features we have planned.

As is very important, anything we do use JavaScript for will degrade gracefully and remain functional even if the visitor has JavaScript disabled.