Update 2.01.01 Released


Todays minor update includes some bug fixes, improvements to the rich text editor and a new panel.  Some of the updates are listed below, you can view the full changelog when you login to the website builder.

New Panels

The Linked Panel
This new panel is very simple, but very useful.  Simply enter the ID of an existing panel (let's call it the source panel) and the new panel will show the same data as the source panel and keep this data up to date.

One obvious use for this is for panels in the header and footer of your templates, particularly if your website is using multiple templates for different pages.  This means that when you update the source panels, all of the linked panels will update throughout your entire website.


Paste as Plain Text:
The rich text editor now has a "Paste as Plain Text" feature, which is useful when pasting from word or another website and you want to remove all formatting.  To use this feature simply press the Paste as Plain Text button from the toolbar, paste the content into the text area using ctrl-v (hold the control key on your keyboard while pressing V at the same time), then press accept.

Background Image Uploading:
The upload background image dialog in template design has been redone.  It is more descriptive and you can now choose to upload using the original image size, or enter a custom image size.  While a minor improvement, this will be very useful because most times when setting up a template you already have the images prepared to the correct size.

Bug fixes:

A number of small bugs were fixed that were mostly related to caching in the Template Design section.