Update 2.02.09 Released


Browser Support - R.I.P. IE6

In this version we are finally dropping support for Internet Explorer 6.0 - in line with Google, YouTube and other popular websites who have already done so since March 2010. Due to browser differences and poor support, deveoping for IE6 means extra overhead which increases testing and development time, so it's understandable why developers have been waiting a long time to abandon IE6.

Please note that this does not effect your live website, it only effects the CMS software. Current browsers officially supported now include IE7, IE8 and Firefox3 for PC, and Firefox3 for Mac.


Main Interface Changes

We have added a new Help menu to the top right of the interface. This menu allows you to view these update notes at any time, and also view the detailed change log, email support and more.


Page Editor Interface Changes

The Page Editor has undergone significant changes to make it easier to use and provide better information.

The most significant change is the removal of the Drag-and-Drop method of placing and moving panels, which has been replaced with a Pick-and-Place method. This new method is straight forward to use, and allows easier placement of panels without having to drag them around.

In this update we have also removed the panel toolbar which was previously displayed along the bottom of the page editor. There are now new menu's at the top left of the page editor. This change gives you more space to see your page and also makes the options easier to access


The Panel Menu
Another change is the new panel menu, which is accessed by clicking on the toolbar indicator at the top left of each panel . This menu clearly shows the operations that can be performed with the panel and is easy to understand. We have also added new functionality to this menu, including the new ability to copy and paste panels.


Copy and Paste Panels
One of the new features of the panel menu is the ability to Copy and Paste panels. Once you have copied a panel from the panel menu, you can paste on the current page or a different page. To paste a panel you can either use the Add Panel button, or you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V.


Adding Panels
Panels are now added via the new Add Panel dropdown button at the top left of the Page Editor interface. Simply press the Add Panel button, select the panel you want, and then select where to place it on your page.


The Options Menu
The options menu gives you access to operations relating to the Page and the Page Editor. You can edit the page settings, select a different page to open in the editor, change templates and more.


Edit Page Settings
You can now edit all page settings directly from the Page Editor. This is accessed via the new Options Menu.


Other Changes

New Email Order Function
We have added a new feature to your orders that allows you to email a copy of the order to a specified email address. This is found on the Actions tab when editing an order.