Update 2.03.00 Released


eLearning, Compliance & Training

Turn your Members into Students!

The new eLearning Module is now available with the first task type, the Compliance Task. Compliance Tasks can be used to provide compliance information, staff training and more. In the future we plan to add other task types to the system such as test, assignment and quiz tasks.

By Popular Demand!

When editing the panel settings for the Rich Text or Image Text panel, the rich text tab will now appear first. In addition to this the panel menu will now show "Panel Settings & Rich Text" to make it more obvious.


Quick Navigation is Back

Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone! After using the new Page Editor interface for a while now, we have decided that we just can't live without the quick navigation buttons (back, forward and home). They really are quite useful for going back and forward between recent pages.


Media Policies and Video Security

Items in your Media Library can now make use of access policies (for those with the Membership Module), allowing you to restrict access to your videos.


File & Image Download

We have added the ability to download your files and images directly from the File Library and Image Library, allowing you to save them to your computer. In addition to this we have added a preview button to files, so that you can view them on your live website to test out policies and file keycodes.

Importing Members (Membership Module)

You can now bulk import member details from a spreadsheet or similar file, allowing you to easily add and update members. You can also set member passwords and member groups using this import feature.