Update 2.03.01 Released


This update introduces two new Form Panels as well as some other minor features and fixes

The Contact Form Panel

This panel allows you to setup a contact form in minutes. It includes a number of predefined elements including Name, Email, Company, Department, Comments and more, which you can customize.

There are a number of layouts to choose from that change the position of these elements, each with the option to show labels above or beside the elements

We also have a number of new anti-spam styles so that you can choose the oe that suits your sites colors.

Included in this form the unique "Department" field, which allows you to enter up to 5 separate departments and (optionally) specify email addresses for each one. So the selected department will determine which email address the form is sent to.

The Custom Form Panel

When the Contact Form is insufficient, this is where the Custom Form panel comes in. We have created a new form builder that allows you to create as many elements of different types that you need.

There are 6 form layouts to choose from, giving you different areas to place elements in.

There is also a powerful email conditions system, allowing you to specify which emails the form will be sent to based on user input. This is similar to the Department field in the Contact Form, however customizable for any element.