Update 2.03.02 Released


This update introduces the new Google Maps Panel which allows you to quickly setup static and dynamic maps for your website. New features and improvements were also implemented for the Custom Form Panel/Form Builder.

Google Maps Panel

This new panel allows you to setup a Google Map on your website in a matter of minutes. Includes both the simple static map, and fully featured dynamic map which allows you to pan, zoom, click on markers and more!

The static map doesn't allow you to zoom or move around, but it will still show your markers. The dynamic map allows you to zoom, pan, and do many of the things possible on the real google maps.

Supports up to 5 custom markers per map, which can each have different icons, labels, colors and popup information.

If you use a dynamic map, but your visitor has Javascript disabled, the map gracefully degrades and shows the static map instead!

Custom Form Panel/Form Builder Improvements

We found it necessary to add some new features to the recently added form builder to make it more flexible, and more customizable.

Here are some of the key improvements:

  • Added a new paragraph text element
  • Added the ability to insert images with text elements
  • Added a new Country List element
  • Added 4 new form layouts
  • Added 4 new built in label sizes
  • Added new template styles to further customize the look of your forms
  • Increased the maximum length of element labels
  • You can now optionally have a form redirect to another page once it is sent successfully