Update 2.03.03 Released


This update includes new Features/Improvements to the Multiple Images and Custom Form Panels, Page Editor improvements, and various other improvements and fixes throughout the CMS.

Page Editor Improvements

We have improved the way container panels (such as the Layout Divider Panel and Random Panel) are handled. Toolbars now stack on each other, meaning even if you have a bunch of nested panels you will always be able to easily find all panel toolbars involved. We have also created a different compact toolbar (tinted blue) for container panels, so that it takes up less room and is easily identified.

You will also notice that we have changed the highlight effect used on panels to stand out more.

Custom Form Tooltips

A great way to add some instructions and help to you forms is via Tooltips. These new tooltips can be set for each element in your form, and are displayed when the mouse is moved over the tooltip icon

There are currently 6 colours to choose from so that you can pick which best suits your site, or you can even use a variety!

Multiple Images Panel Improvements

We have made some changes that allow you to now show images side by side in up to 5 columns (previously you could only show them under each other). You can still show the image title and caption if desired.

We have also revamped the way you select the images for this panel, making it much quicker to select, sort and choose the image size to display. A new Custom Link field has also been introduced with this image selection, allowing you to optionally specify a URL for each image (the old URL options still remain as well).